Rental Services

Parker offers reliable, high-quality rental tools and proven well services whenever and wherever your business demands.

Parker Drilling has provided premium rental tools and well services to the domestic (U.S.) and international oil and gas industry for nearly four decades. Over the years, we’ve built strong relationships and earned a solid reputation for delivering strategic, cost-effective, reliable solutions, including oilfield products, specialty services and equipment rental.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, we can help increase your performance while reducing costs through:

  • A broad portfolio of high-performance products with significant international reach
  • The highest standards for quality, operational excellence, safety and compliance
  • Our ability to maintain job ready equipment to the highest specifications
  • A responsive, highly knowledgeable team committed to providing solutions that meet your operational goals

Time and time again, our industry experience proves that reliability is key for our customers, who require equipment that is well-designed and manufactured - equipment that can be trusted to get the job done efficiently every time.

Learn more about our domestic (U.S.) and international rental services.

Or contact us directly: and +1 337 365 8154 and +971 4350 5500