International Rental Services

In international markets, Parker Drilling operates as iTS, offering premium equipment and reliable services for your well construction, well intervention, and surface and tubular needs.

Our experienced team is in position to help meet your business challenges from our locations in the United Kingdom, Europe, Caspian Sea region, Middle East, North Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Our comprehensive rental services capabilities include:

Well Construction

  • Tubular Running Services
    • Conventional
    • CRT (Top-Tek Tool)
  • BHA Drilling Tools
    • Impact Tools
    • Stabilizers
    • Hole Openers
    • ROP Enhancers
    • Drilling Motors
    • Roller Reamers

Well Intervention

  • Fishing Products and Services
  • Whipstocks

Surface and Tubular

  • Tubular Rental
  • Pressure Control Equipment
  • Machine Shop
  • Inspection

To learn more about what iTS can do for you, please contact us at: and +971 4350 5500