Photo Gallery

This page contains low-resolution images from corporate archives that are available in high-resolution electronic format for reproduction. They depict various aspects of the Company's operations and history around the world that may help to illustrate the Parker Drilling story. They are property of Parker Drilling and can be used only with permission.*

Rig Photos

Parker Drilling Barge Rig 257, Caspian Sea

Parker Drilling Barge Rig 77, Gulf of Mexico

Parker Drilling Barge Rig 54, Gulf of Mexico

Parker Drilling Land Rig 247, Kazakhstan

Parker Drilling Land Rig 269, Kazakhstan

Parker Drilling Land Rig 266, Mexico

Parker Drilling Land Rig 264, Algeria

How do I request permission and high-resolution images?

Mac users: to download the images please press control-click on download and select "Download Link to Disk."  PC users: to download the images please right-click on download and select "Save Target As."

Once you have selected your desired image, please e-mail to request a high-resolution version suitable for reproduction. Please include a summary of how, when and where the material will be used.

On approval of your request, you will receive high-resolution images by e-mail.

*Permission for use of photographic imagery on these pages is granted only under the following conditions:

  • Each use should be accompanied by the credit line, "Courtesy of Parker Drilling."
  • Copying of images for further distribution or commercial use is prohibited without the written consent of Parker Drilling.
  • Parker Drilling reserves the right to withdraw permission to reproduce material whenever, in its discretion, it feels that the privilege of reproducing its material is being used in a way detrimental to its interest or the above instructions are not being followed properly.